Real Estate Auctions

ACI real estate auction services

Real estate auctions offer a unique and potentially advantageous way to buy or sell property, compared to the traditional market. Here are some reasons why someone might choose an auction:

ACI Benefits:
  • Clearer timeline: Auction dates are set in advance, providing a definitive timeline for closing the sale and finalizing the transaction. This can be helpful for estate executors, investors, or anyone needing a predictable schedule.
  • Faster sale: Auctions can attract a large pool of motivated buyers, leading to a quicker sale than traditional listings.
  • Competitive bidding: Auctions can drive up the sale price, potentially exceeding initial estimates. The competitive atmosphere encourages buyers to offer their best price, maximizing the seller's profit.
  • Unique properties: Auctions often feature unique properties that might not be found through traditional marketing efforts, which are difficult to value.
  • Bowers has sold over $80 million in real estate auctions, over 2000 sf homes, vacant land and commercial property.

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