Industries We Serve

Auction Consultants, Inc. (ACI) assists businesses, estates and trusts in auctioning their assets. In business, ACI has experience with a variety of industries where a complete business liquidation, asset liquidation or a surplus asset auction is required. Here are some sample industries we serve:

  • Estates and Trusts: Auctioning of all personal assets of estate or trust including: collectables, vehicles, tools, etc.; heir distribution & shipping; ready to convey real estate
  • Manufacturing and Industrial Equipment: Companies in manufacturing often have sell assets of machinery, equipment, and tools.
  • Construction:  Construction firms may need to auction materials, tools, or equipment.
  • Real Estate: A business or estate may need us to prepare an entire property or building to auction.
  • Technology and Electronics: IT companies may auction off outdated computer equipment, servers, and electronics.
  • Automotive: Auto dealerships, repair shops, or manufacturing plants may have surplus vehicles, parts, or equipment.
  • Machine Shops: These businesses have equipment, tooling, lathes, drilling and automated machinery to auction.
  • Material Handling: Businesses that have heavy equipment, trucks, loaders, lifts, cherry pickers, forklifts, sortation equipment, conveyors and more to auction.
  • Fabrication Shops: A firm that has lathes, metalworking, milling, grinding, cutting, broaching, sawing or shaping machines to auciton.
  • Healthcare: Hospitals, clinics, or medical facilities may need to auction medical equipment.
  • Restaurant and Hospitality: Restaurants and hotels may have to liquidate kitchen equipment, furniture, or decor.
  • Retail: Retailers might need to liquidate excess inventory or fixtures or entire store.
  • Financial Institutions: Banks and financial institutions may have repossessed assets like vehicles or properties.
  • Energy and Utilities: Companies in the energy sector may have machinery, tools, or vehicles.
  • Government and Public Sector: Government agencies often have surplus equipment or vehicles they need to auction.
  • Agriculture: Farms and agricultural businesses may have surplus equipment, machinery, or land.
  • Printing and Publishing: Companies in printing or publishing may need to auction printing equipment.
  • Textiles and Apparel: Clothing manufacturers or retailers may have excess inventory or equipment.
  • Education: Educational institutions might need to auction surplus furniture, equipment, or technology.
  • Pharmaceuticals: Pharmaceutical companies may have laboratory equipment or machinery.
  • Telecommunications: Telecom companies may need to auction off networking equipment.
  • Transportation and Logistics: Companies in logistics might have surplus vehicles, containers, or equipment.
  • Entertainment and Events: Event companies may have audiovisual equipment, staging, or decor.
  • Mining and Minerals: Mining companies may have mining equipment or minerals for auction.
  • Waste Management: Companies in waste management may need to auction off surplus equipment.

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