We are Auction Consultants.

Who We Are

Auction Consultants, Inc. (ACI) is a family-owned business with 5 decades of experience managing the areas of appraisals, estate auction, real estate auctions and liquidation or reduction of business assets. At ACI, we leverage our experience and combine it with award winning and aggressive marketing strategies, including timed internet auctions and live bid calling. All this experience leads to clearer timelines, competitive bidding and asset value.
Scott Bowers

Scott H. Bowers, C.A.I.

President and Lead Auctioneer

Tommy Bowers

Tommy Bowers

VP Operations

Mike Peluso

Mike Peluso

Senior Project Manager

Some of Our Past and Current Clients

Auction Consultants, Inc. has helped many clients create a winning auction event.

  • Berghoff Restaurant
  • Corky's Catering
  • Igor Pudliszak Estate/ I Salvage Yard
  • AVO Shopping Company
  • Conquest Sound
  • Fremco Electric
  • Elite Snow solutions
  • Charlie Trotters
  • Rayco Sign
  • Ochsner Estate Museum
  • Vettern Automotive
  • Come Back Inn
  • Cecchin Plumbing & Heating
  • Arrowhead Horse Enterprises
  • Morrison Waud Jr.Trust
  • Floyds
  • Redmoon Theater
  • Blue Moon Restaurant
  • Green Sense Farms
  • Urban Till
  • Aqua Leaf
  • Zoup Restaurants
  • Ertel Heinmann Mechanical Contractors